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World Milk Day

March 31, 2023
milk day

did you know that there is a World Milk Day? Yes, because this drink has accompanied man since birth, whether it is maternal or animal, and it is essential for his growth and development.

Milk deserves praise all over the world because its benefits are many. Its nutritional value is enormous and drinking it has become essential for the diet of those who consume it.

There are many derivatives of milk, even different types of milk, but you will learn about all this in this article. We will also give you all the details about World Milk Day.

If you are interested in knowing everything related to this delicious and healthy liquid, we invite you to read to the end of the article.

what is milk?

que es la leche

From the moment we are born, the first food we ingest is milk, whether it is mother’s milk or animal milk. And there is no denying the important contributions and benefits of this liquid.

Biologically, milk is defined as the secretion expelled by female mammals in the form of a whitish liquid substance.

The purpose of milk has always been to feed the young of mammals. This is, of course, the way animals and humans do it. The latter maintains the consumption of milk after weaning, feeding on milk produced by animals.

Humans generally consume cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s, buffalo’s, donkey’s and camel’s milk. The most popular is cow’s milk.

Milk derivatives are also a favorite, such as cheese, yoghurt, butter, ice cream, etc.

Milk is usually classified as raw (the one that comes out of the milking), pasteurized and sterilized depending on the sanitization system it has.

You can find it in liquid, evaporated, condensed or powdered form depending on its physical state.

For its nutritional content, you can buy it whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or lactose-free.

Whatever the form, the importance of incorporating milk into the diet is unquestionable. This is due to its composition, which provides many benefits to the body. Do you want to know what they are? Follow us at

Nutritional value and benefits of milk

valor nutricional y beneficios de la leche

Milk is a food of high nutritional value. Its composition proves that ingesting it is highly beneficial. In order for you to know a little more about this, we explain how cow’s milk, which is the most consumed, is composed.

In general, this drink is composed of water, lactose, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat.

Water has the highest proportion in the composition of milk with 80 to 87%.

Lactose behaves as a carbohydrate. It is itself the milk sugar. It is important because it contributes to the absorption of calcium and also gives milk that faintly sweet touch.

Another essential compound is protein. Milk is said to be the most complete because it contains large amounts of amino acids. Among them is casein. It has been demonstrated that these proteins favor digestion and have anticarcinogenic effects.

Vitamins are also abundant in milk. Some are fat-soluble, bound to fats such as A, D and E; and others are dissolved in water such as B2, B1, B12, vitamin C, B3, and vitamin H.

That is why it is said that when consuming semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, some properties are lost, such as fat-soluble vitamins.

As for minerals, we should note that milk also has a large proportion of them. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, zinc and chlorine. Of all of them, its high calcium content stands out, being the main source of this mineral.

As you may have read, fat is also present in milk. The proportion of fat depends on the cow’s diet and breed.

In general, we summarize the composition of cow’s milk.

  • Water: 80 to 87%.
  • Fats: 3 to 4%.
  • Proteins: approximately 3.5%
  • Lactose: approximately 5%.

Research shows that all this is variable in proportion to the cow’s diet, breed and age.

With all that we have detailed, you should deduce that all these properties imply many health benefits.

To begin with, milk is excellent for keeping the body and skin hydrated. It also helps neutralize stomach acidity. It favors bone calcification. If you want to have strong and healthy teeth, drink milk.

So much so that it is advisable to drink at least one glass of milk daily, not only in childhood, but also in adulthood, to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. We recommend drinking it before going to sleep, as it is very relaxing.

If you are lactose intolerant, don’t worry. There are some types of milk and milk derivatives that are produced without lactose. Of course, always seek nutritional advice.

when is World Milk Day celebrated?

Needless to say, milk is highly coveted by many, and if it is completely natural, all the better.

Precisely, from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) came the idea of commemorating in one day, all those properties and benefits of milk.

The date chosen was June 1, and every year, from 2001 to the present, all lovers of this liquid celebrate with various activities. All these actions are aimed at highlighting the importance of milk.

If you want to join the festivity, you can do so. Join the initiatives of other people and companies that produce milk.

For example, many brands that produce and distribute milk publish information on their websites about this liquid, whether it be benefits, curiosities, etc. Others publish recipes in which milk is a special ingredient.

And take advantage, because there are also those who offer discounts on milk purchases on this day. You already know, join the celebration for World Milk Day!

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